In the Past…

During the years of its existence, more than 12,000 women and more than 800 men attended the College of Saint Teresa and felt the influence of the Franciscan ideals of service and scholarship.

In 1989, the College closed; however, through the formation of the Alumnae Association of the College of Saint Teresa, successor organization to the Teresan Alumnae Association, the Teresan influence in higher education begun in 1907 by the Franciscan Sisters can live on.

In The Present…

We are composed of former faculty, students and alumnae of the College of Saint Teresa, and we seek potential members who share the goals of the Alumnae Association. Since 1989, we have moved from being primarily a social organization to a working group dedicated to preserving the Teresan traditions.

The gift of the Teresan Scholarship Fund has signaled what a portion of that new mission will be. After the closing of the College, the court ordered the remaining College of Saint Teresa endowments to be managed by the Alumnae Association as the Teresan Scholarship Fund. The principal amount of $722,444.70 must always remain intact; scholarships are awarded from the interest earned each year. The principal monies have been invested in a variety of conservative stocks and bonds.

The Alumnae Association works to achieve a variety of goals. We are proud to have:

  • established and maintained the Alumnae Office, independent of the College;
  • managed the Teresan Scholarship Fund;
  • enrolled over 1,500 active members each year;
  • continued the publication of the Teresan News, a member-only newsletter;
  • carried on the Teresan Memorial and Memento programs;
  • begun publishing Teresans Today, an annual newsletter;
  • advised and facilitated Chapter formation and events;
  • hosted annual reunions;
  • trademarked the Rose Window

In the Future…

Our responsibility to Teresan ideals continues. Having accepted the duty to continue to foster these ideals, the Alumnae Association will strive to promote a sense of community by bringing Teresans together at reunions and chapter events. We will continue to promote the higher education of women and of those who hold our Teresan values dear, especially through administration of the Teresan Scholarship Fund.

Our challenge lies in identifying and welcoming new members to our organization who, while they may not be graduates of the College of Saint Teresa, value excellence in education. The ideals of Purity, Loyalty and Truth live on in the future work of the Alumnae Association of the College of Saint Teresa.